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Step By Step Procedure To Clean Your Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are used for daily cooking, and it is likely to get greased with oil and other food particles. It is tough to clean the gas stove as it contains various elements fitted within each other. Cleaning the gas stove can fasten up the cooking process. It is necessary that you dismantle the gas stove before you clean. People find it challenging to clean them. The use of appropriate cleaning tools and material can help you to make the process easy and quick. Thornbury Electrics offers excellent gas stove repair and maintenance around the world. The link http://www.hometips.com/repair-fix/cooktop-range-care.html offers certain tips for the perfect maintenance of gas tops.

Regular maintenance of gas stove increases the lifetime of the product. It also helps to avoid accidents during cooking. The article below helps you with the step by step procedure to clean your gas stoves effectively.

You should make the gas stove ready for the cleaning process. See that you switch off the gas and ensure that all the burners of the gas stove are switched off. Allow the gas stove to cool as it is not possible to clean a hot gas stove as it could lead to injuries. Be ready with the necessary tools and other stuff like an old brush, scrubber, soap oil, dry towels, etc.

Dismantle The Stove
The next step that you should follow is dismantling the gas stove. Separate every element of the gas stove so that you can clean them adequately. The burners are separated and placed in a sink or bucket with water. Soak the burner in soapy water.

Cleaning The Gas Top
The gas top can be cleaned using a wet cloth dipped in soapy water. Swipe the cloth over the entire surface of the gas top and clean it carefully by removing the grease. Do not make use of rough clothes or pointed objects like a knife to clean the oil. This may result in scratches. Now make use of a dry cloth to wipe off the moisture. A soft sponge can be used to clean the surface of the gas stove. Remember to clean around the knob as dust gets accumulated around its sides. If you find a spot which is too greasy, apply some strong cleaners on the surface which would help you to get rid of the tough stains.

Cleaning The Burners
Now wash the soaked burner and use a brush to remove the debris or other stuff inside the crooks of the stove. This cleaning ensures that your burner burns uniformly with a proper supply of gas. Scrub the burner grates to remove tough particles sticking to it. Remember to wash the burner caps with brush or sponge. Rinse all the elements of the burners free from soap and dirt. Dry the burners using a dry cloth and paper towel.

Set The Gas Stove
Once all the parts of the gas stove are dried, you can place them on the gas top and use the gas stove for cooking. Ensure that all the elements of the gas stove are dried before making use of it.

Regular maintenance and following strict safety procedure can help to increase the lifetime of your gas stove. The steps given here can help you keep your gas stove free from stains and tough grease.